• Personal Biometric Devices
    Personal Biometric Devices
    Smart devices to intelligently improve your health
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  • Travel Health
    Travel Health
    Health tools for when you are away from home
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  • Heart Health
    Heart Health
    Information and products to help you take care of your heart
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  • Virtual Medicine
    Virtual Medicine
    Advocating for greater access to Remote Medical Services
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Personal Biometric DevicesTravel HealthHeart HealthVirtual Medicine

What We Provide

Heart Healthy Products

We believe that improved heart health starts with monitoring and this allows for greater travel possibilities and a fuller life for you. This site is all about helping you find solutions that will provide you and your family a better life filled with lots of travel and adventures!

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Virtual Cardiology E-Visits

A checkup with your cardiologist consists of an Electro-Cardio-Graph, a check of your blood pressure, a step on the scale and a review of your prescriptions and symptoms. Snowbird Health has tools that allow for you to visit your doctor anywhere in the world.

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Information and Advocacy

Snowbird Health is a site dedicated to bringing you the information and technology necessary to live the fullest life you can. We believe that traditional pharmaceutical and implant treatments supplemented with holistic and natural treatments provide complete treatment.

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About Us

Snowbird Health is a site designed for the intrepid traveller. Whether you spend six months out of country or are just travelling the road to happy destiny, we are here to help. With information, smart products, supplements and advanced access to medical services we intend to change the way we look at later life.
  • Great partner companies
  • Innovative new smart technologies
  • Information for your health concerns
  • Helping you travel healthier and safer, and possibly more cost effectively
  • Advocacy for greater access to remote medical services
  • A member of The Snowbird Group

By The Numbers

20000 $ Saved Using Remote Monitoring
92 % People CoQ10 Improved Heart Function
11000 $ for US ER Cardiac Visit
54 % Decrease ER Visits with Telemedicine