Better Treatments for Heart Failure

17 Jul

Better Treatments To Reverse Congestive Heart Failure

Take it easy… stay in bed. That’s what most doctors tell patients with congestive heart failure. I can’t think of worse advice.

What’s Congestive Heart Failure?

Congestive heart failure (CHF) means your heart can’t pump enough blood for your body’s needs. Blood builds up behind the heart. Fluids accumulate in the lungs and make you weak, tired and short of breath. Less blood flowing to your brain makes you dizzy and confused. Vital organs like your lungs, brain and kidneys begin to shut down.

What Happens When You Have CHF?

A heart with CHF is severely deconditioned. When your heart pumps less blood than it receives, fluid backs up. Your heart swells like a water balloon.


How Can Congestive Heart Failure Be Treated?

Like any muscle, the heart needs exercise to build strength — not rest. I help my heart patients build up their heart muscle with my PACE program. It’s the best way to improve your heart’s capacity and increase its pumping power. And it only takes 12 minutes a day. You can get specific workouts, resources and information about exercising with PACE by clicking here.

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