Reduce heart disease deaths by half!

10 Nov
Posted on Apr 10, 2017, 6 a.m.


Five year study reveals that combining selenium with CoQ10 has been found to dramatically slash the risk of death from cardiovascular disease

Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in the developed world, killing more than 17 million per year, which is more lives than cancer claims. This is due to arterial plaque caused by poor diets, lack of exercise, obesity, and smoking.  A remarkable study to come out of Sweden shows that taking two supplements (CoQ10 and selenium) in combination may slash mortality risks by almost 50%. Researchers found that these nutrients may have many benefits including:

  • overall improved heart function
  • reduction of hospital stays due to surgeries
  • protection lasts years after stopping supplements

Swedish researchers published the study in the International Journal of Cardiology that revealed the health benefits of CoQ10 and selenium. Current studies already show these nutrients have the ability to protect damaged tissue from oxidative stress.

The Health Benefits of CoQ10 and Selenium

A study lasting five years was conducted on 443 healthy adults between the ages of 70 and 80. Half received placebos, and the other half received 200mg of CoQ10 and selenium supplements. After the five-year study was concluded, 12.6% of the placebo group had died of cardiovascular disease, while only 5.9 percent of those taking the supplements had died. The group who took the supplements also scored higher on cardiac functions after an echocardiogram examination. More importantly, they had lower levels of a biomarker NT-proBNP known as an indicator of heart failure, which is good because lower levels reduce the risks of cardiovascular disease.

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What is Cardiomyopathy?

01 Nov


What is cardiomyopathy?

Cardiomyopathy is a progressive disease of the myocardium, or heart muscle. In most cases, the heart muscle weakens and is unable to pump blood to the rest of the body as well as it should. There are many different types of cardiomyopathy caused by a range of factors, from coronary heart disease to certain drugs. These can all lead to an irregular heartbeat, heart failure, a heart valve problem, or other complications.

Medical treatment and follow-up care are important. They can help prevent heart failure or other complications

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Better Treatments for Heart Failure

17 Jul

Better Treatments To Reverse Congestive Heart Failure

Take it easy… stay in bed. That’s what most doctors tell patients with congestive heart failure. I can’t think of worse advice.

What’s Congestive Heart Failure?

Congestive heart failure (CHF) means your heart can’t pump enough blood for your body’s needs. Blood builds up behind the heart. Fluids accumulate in the lungs and make you weak, tired and short of breath. Less blood flowing to your brain makes you dizzy and confused. Vital organs like your lungs, brain and kidneys begin to shut down.

What Happens When You Have CHF?

A heart with CHF is severely deconditioned. When your heart pumps less blood than it receives, fluid backs up. Your heart swells like a water balloon.


How Can Congestive Heart Failure Be Treated?

Like any muscle, the heart needs exercise to build strength — not rest. I help my heart patients build up their heart muscle with my PACE program. It’s the best way to improve your heart’s capacity and increase its pumping power. And it only takes 12 minutes a day. You can get specific workouts, resources and information about exercising with PACE by clicking here.

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Heart benefits of Co Q10 over 10 year study

17 Jul

CoQ10 Proven Benefits In Heart Failure Patients

 April 2014

By Bradley Tompkins

The European Journal of Heart Failure has published data from one of the most robust studies to date on coenzyme Q10.

This ten year study conclusively showed that CoQ10 supplementation significantly improves survival for even the most severe heart failure patients while radically reducing incidences of hospitalization.1

This new study shows that CoQ10 supplementation can restore deficient CoQ10 levels in patients with moderate-to-severe heart failure, extend lifespan, and improve quality of life.1

The compelling results from this 10-year-long study found that patients who took 100 mg of CoQ10 three times daily were…

  • Significantly less likely to die from heart failure,
  • Less than half as likely to die from any cause at all, and
  • Half as likely to have a major adverse cardiac event during the study period, compared with control subjects.1

After only three months of supplementation, the researchers detected a trend towards reduced levels of a blood marker of heart failure severity that is released from over-worked heart muscle cells.1,2 At two years, significantly more treated patients had improved measurements of heart function than did placebo recipients.1

This impressive study demonstrates how CoQ10 offers important heart health benefits and how essential it is to cardiac patients. Ideally, the practice of cardiology will soon include CoQ10 as part of their protocol to improve the lives of those living with heart failure.

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