We bring you innovative products that address heart issues. Our products range from ECG Monitors to Supplements targeting cardiac health.

We believe that improved heart health starts with monitoring and this allows for greater travel possibilities and a fuller life for you. This site is all about helping you find solutions that will provide you and your family a better life filled with lots of travel and adventures!

For the average heart patient, a trip to the emergency room is always something lurking in the background. When we travel, this possibility has potentially dire financial as well as health ramifications.

Our goal here is to limit the likelihood that these visits happen. We do this through addressing several issues of our heart health. Monitoring our heart is a dominant key to our solution. We recommend three smart monitors to track heart health. We have a smart scale, blood pressure monitor and personal ECG monitor all connected to a cloud solution that helps you understand your overall heart health picture.

When you become a heart patient its possible you will be prescribed a range of medications that reduce stresses on the heart. From statins for cholesterol, beta blockers for stress, ace inhibitor for blood pressure reduction to diuretics that reduce fluids, a heart patient has a mitt full of meds that they may be prescribed. These are essential but incomplete preventative measures for improving heart function. We recommend additional supplements that improve heart functionality at the molecular level with many folks seeing remarkable improvements in physical ability once adding supplements to their pill taking regimen.

QardioCore Personal ECG Monitor

  • Track your complete heart health on your smartphone
  • Get a medically accurate
    electrocardiograph trace for
    deeper heart health insights
  • Enjoy your lifestyle with an innovative and easy to wear design
  • Share data with your doctor

QardioArm Smart Blood Pressure Monitor

  • Medically Accurate
  • Stylish and Portable
  • Easy to Use
  • Share Data



QardioBase Wireless Smart Scale

  • Measure your weight, BMI and full body composition.
  • Reach your weight goal the easy way with SMART FEEDBACK.
  • Switch to PREGNANCY MODE to track your progress with charts and photo library.
  • Set an easy routine with an automatic user recognition the whole family will enjoy.